Digital Construction: Unlock potential & accelerate process with technology

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Digital Construction

Adopting digital construction practice and BIM technologies had already brought substantial operation efficiency to the many builders, contractors & consultants. Keep yourself up to date with the latest information technology & trend by attending our 2018 event 

Glodon IndonesiaIn this event, Glodon Indonesia will showcase different levels of BIM technology, from 2D to 5D. We will demonstrate various digital construction tools, from drawing, modelling, costing to scheduling. 

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This event will include several keynote sessions, include prominent speakers like:

  • Mr Rizki Raditya, Chief Lecturer of Glodon Indonesia
  • Mr Irman Novriandi, Country Product Manager of Glodon Indonesia
  • Mr Rano A. Samosir, Technical Manager of Glodon Indonesia
  • And .... Dr Menggang Huang, our BIM Expert which held several impressive track record on BIM
    • Director of BIM5D International Department, Glodon Company Limited
    • Deputy Secretary-General of BIM committee, China Graphics Society (CGS)
    • Academic committee member of Tsinghua University & Glodon Software Company Limited Joint Research Center for Building Information Modeling(RCBIM)







Lunch Time



13.00 – 13.30




13.30 – 13.40

Opening by MC

MC Bonny


13.40 – 14.30

Transformation path to BIM oriented solution & management

Rizki Raditya, Chief Lecturer of Glodon Indonesia


14.30 – 15.15

1.Practical guide to cost management with Cubicost

2.Upgrade the service quality for ID client

1.Irman Novriandi, Country Product Manager of Glodon Indonesia

2.Rano A. Samosir, Technical Manager


15.15 – 16.00

Enhance your efficiency with Cubicost

Guest speaker


16.00 – 16.15

Coffee break

MC Bonny


16-15 – 17.15

Energize your construction progress in project

The power of BIM5D in project management

Dr Huang, BIM Expert from PRC


17.20 – 17.30

Sharing session and closing ceremony

MC Bonny

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