• Company: Obayashi Singapore Pte Ltd.
  • Location: Singapore
  • Building Type: Hospital
  • Products: TAS / TRB
The Centre for Oral Health’s patient-centric facilities will be tailored to serve the oral health needs of the elderly, and those who have special needs and co-existing medical conditions rendering routine dental treatment more complex. These include hoisting aids to move patients onto dental chairs and wheelchair-accessible treatment rooms. Prof Tan also said “we are concurrently stepping up training” to enlarge the pool of trained geriatric dentists in Singapore, as part of the “software” necessary to effectively address the needs of the country’s ageing population.
"We can amend or change the quantities at any stage of construction. With the connection of TBQ, bill of quantities are easily generated. Easier management in purchasing by material tracking process, improve productivity due to easy retrieval of information, and save cost and time. With the 3D model is produced for better visualizations."
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