C++开发工程师/ C++ Development Engineer——TAS
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  • Basic information

    工时: 全职     Working Time: Full-time

    地点: 北京     Location: Beijing

    领域: IT         Area: IT

    工资:面议    Salary: Depands

  • Job Description

    1、负责国际化TAS产品的模块设计、研发工作; 2、负责撰写相关模块的设计文档; 3、负责产品的整体或模块稳定、效率优化工作 1. Designing and developing product module of TAS; 2. Composing designing document of related module; 3. Improve stability and efficiency of the overall product or one special module.
  • Knowledge & Experience Requirement

    1、3年以上C++开发经验; 2、熟练Windows上软件开发常用工具,技巧; 3、有基于QT平台的开发经验,熟悉常规界面开发; 4、熟练掌握常用调试工具、方法; 5、具有建筑,图形算法方面的工作经验优先 1. Minimum three years’ experience in C++; 2. Fluent in software development tools in Windows; 3. Basic experience in QT platform; 4. Skillful in debug; 5. Priority with experience in Construction field and graphics algorithm.
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