Delphi开发工程师/ Development Engineer——TME
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  • Basic information

    工时: 全职     Working Time: Full-time

    地点: 北京     Location: Beijing

    领域: IT         Area: IT

    工资:面议    Salary: Depands

  • Job Description

    1、负责软件架构的维护和后续开发工作,以及软件三维平台的效率优化工作 2、负责软件的日常维护工作,及时解决用户的反馈。 1. Maintaining and developing software structure, and 3D platform optimization; 2. Daily maintenance of software and problem solving for customer.
  • Knowledge & Experience Requirement

    1. 学历背景: 计算机相关专业的本科或硕士学历 2. 工作经验:3-10年 及以上软件开发相关工作经验 3. 基本知识技能: 拥有扎实的计算机编程能力,精通Delphi开发语言。 熟练掌握各类数据结构和算法,丰富的OOP设计与开发经验;熟悉Delphi VCL架构; 4. 素质能力及个性特征: 有较好的沟通能力,理解能力和抗压能力,喜欢钻研,具有团队合作精神 有建筑行业相关经验及建筑行业软件开发经验者优先,熟悉敏捷开发者优先,熟悉C/C++语言优先。 1. Bachelor or MS in Computer Science, or related filed; 2. 3-10 years’ experience in software development; 3. Strong programming ability, and master in Delphi; Knowledgeable in all kinds of data structure and calculation rule with experience in OOP and Delphi VCL; 4. Good communicate, understanding and pressure resistance ability and interest in teamwork; 5. Priority with applicants with experience in construction field or related software development or Excellent skills in C/C++.
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