Cubicost TBQ
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TBQ is an innovative, efficient and easy-to-use cost estimating software.

It works with Cubicost TAS, TME and TRB, taking the lead in the era of BIM.

Now Available for:
TBQ Global Version
  • Version:V2.0.0.3299
  • Release Date:2018-04-28
  • Downloaded:1210

Updated Features for Global Version:

1. Add Link Qty Table function for quick referencing of Excel quantities;

2. Add Update Excel function for the revision management of Excel quantity tables;

3. Add the check of trade and element code for comprehensive check of bill items;

4. Add the comparison of cost per m2 GFA between similar projects for cost analysis and data accumulation;

5. Add Update Rate function for fast update of resource rates;

6. Support linking multiple page no. on PDF summary pages for easy summarization of quantities;

7. Support the display of referenced unit rate items in orange;

8. Add prompt for the deletion of referenced unit rate items;

9. Improve the selection of subcontractors’ quotes;

10. Improve the alignment of total amounts in reports.

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